Sonam Malhotra

Entered as an infant ,eager to learn and grow more.Grennery just took my heart and each day was counted .I Sonam Malhotra joined DCRUST in 2016 pursuing BTech in computer science trade.The most auspicious part I liked about DCRUST is each student is equal,there are many platforms through which a student can outshine , by doing so and standing on the stage regularly a child develops self confidence even if he doesn’t win.

There are societies for each activity whether it be dance or literary and many more. After coming here i got confidence of writing for people and hence I started my page ,started reading more, therefore I feel oblidged.but still many more things to learn.I assure that after leaving from this University each child will be confident.Through Social service societies i became a part of society and contribute my efforts and pain in strenghtening the surrounding.Meeting new people each day is facinating and still counting days to communicate more.

Name: Sonam Malhotra