Research & Development

In the modern days of scientific investigation it is the level of precision and the speed that are important so that duration for such investigations are cut down and, at the same time, data  interpretation can be very precise obviating the pitfalls of manual calculations. Further, replications of the experiments becomes easy where such replications are important. It has been seen that laboratories available under one roof sometimes acquire such instruments in bulk for the different units with a poor effective utilization of such equipment. Utilisation of the instruments/ equipment has been at the base of establishing such a laboratory for meeting needs of the scientists and technologistS, from within the University as well from outside including its affiliated colleges.

Instruments covering different aspects and areas of investigation are being procured in stages with specialized maintenance and care provided by experienced technicians and attendants. Laboratory has now been established in a new building from 6th May 2013. Instruments available include flash chromatography System from Yamazen, Japan, UV spectrophotometer, FT-IR, Impedance analyser and STA etc.

Awareness programmes are also organized not only in respect of the new developments in the instruments but use of such instruments is demonstrated by representatiuves of the manufacturers. One day workshop on “Lab Governance” was organized on 28th June 2013 participated by Dr. S.K. Varshney, Scientist F, DST, Delhi who was the keynote speaker at the programme.