Dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering Interface

Prof. R.C.Nautiyal


The faculty of science and technology interface (FSTI) comprises of four departments namely Chemistry, Mathematics, Material Science & Technology and Physics. FSTI attained the status of independent faculty in January 2009 although its precursor Department of applied sciences has history dating back to 1986.

From its very inception, FSTI has been in forefront of providing quality education with a primary objective of preparing students and researchers to take on challenges of future to make them competent enough to handle the responsibility of their profession. Faculty at FSTI has so far published over 1000 research papers in Journals of repute. In addition 55 doctorate degrees have been awarded to researchers.

FSTI endeavors to act as a bridge between the scientific knowledge and its application in technology. All the departments have highly qualified teaching faculty with credible track record in research. Excellent infrastructure, library facilities and well equipped laboratories have been created to provide hands on experience to the students.

The faculty attracts goal oriented research projects from various funding agencies. These projects provide an opportunity for the students to have an exposure to practical research. There is special focus on projects related to environment protection sustainability, energy conservation d biological needs of society in general.

I am confident that from our joint efforts we will be continue to contribute quality research and set new standards in quality education.