Dean, Faculty of Management Studies

Prof. Rajbir Singh


We at the university are striving hard towards the holistic development of our students with a view to enable them to adapt and update themselves for inclusive growth of the society and the nation. It is our mission to prepare empowered and accountable youth who are willing to assume responsibility. The very chase of  differentiation is presently alienating education from the very core of its existence–providing value for life and not just living. University education is an intangible experience to objectfy it.

We together as stakeholders should assess the outcome of education for which it is meant—the learning outcomes  in terms of quality education, quality career progression and in building an environment where social issues are addressed with a kind heart. Such inclusions  will definitely enable us to forge a valuable system for the holistic development of students. Making our students conceptually strong while inculcating in them a sense of analytical and critical thinking is very much a step in the same direction. It is only our positive and cumulative efforts which can make the university a role model and a guiding force for the civic society in the pursuit of nationalism, patriotism and discipline in all walks of life.