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The Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology has started functioning from the session 2010-11. It offers M.Tech and Ph.D. programmes. This department combines the cutting edge areas of Materials Science and Nano-technology and is committed to train students in all aspects of modern materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, electronic and optical materials and materials characterization.

Modern state of the art laboratories are coming up with modern equipment and facilities. The faculty members of the department are actively engaged in the forefront domains of research and have individual Major Research Projects from Govt. funding agencies like DST, UGC etc.





Materials Science & Nanotechnology



With collaborative efforts and using the multi-disciplinary nature of our department as a source of innovation and technical excellence, we will bring about the scientific and technological breakthroughs necessary for industry and governmental priorities and initiatives, making us a global leader in materials education of our students and exceeding expectations.

Our mission is to:

Advance our fundamental understanding of materials properties, processing and applications by performing leading edge, world class research.

Create a stimulating and nurturing educational and research environment for propelling our students towards successful careers;

Engage in collaborative research efforts with corporate and academic partners globally;

Train the most highly valued materials science and engineering students in the country;

Promote a greater understanding of the role of materials science in society; and

Systematically manage the research grants and other funds

Create fruitful contacts with industries

Create and maintain contact with worldwide network of researchers and educators in the field


The Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology will be internationally recognized for excellence in education and research in materials science and nanotechnology by the leaders of industry and peers at academic institutions. This department will be a destination for students, researchers, and faculty seeking to pursue scholarship that advances the science and engineering of materials, especially at the nano scale.

The Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology seeks to be among the top 10 of the best programs in the country within the next two decades.

Our vision is to be a vibrant, supportive community of materials scientists and nanoscale engineers developing fundamental understanding, enabling advanced technologies, and providing world leadership through education and innovative research.

Our vision encompasses meeting new challenges that arise for universities due to the actual social context in India and the world, such as:

The changing security situation within and around the nation.

Rapid change and increased globalization.

A highly diverse and multicultural society.

Demographic structure: Young and dynamic population.

Within this context, the technical education community needs to be able to satisfy ever new demands. We must:

Deal with the general difficulty in recruiting bright students for scientific and technical studies.

Relate to the professional world by taking into account the technological demands of the industry.

Increase the general level of scientific culture within society.

Make the best use of available resources.

Aid in the development of additional personal competencies such as adaptability, tolerance of others, team work, problem solving, taking risks, etc.

Promote the adaptation capacity of individuals for industrial and economic changes.

Encourage international exposure of both the faculty and the students of the Department

Encourage lifelong learning encouraging people to further continue learning and training.

Department Contact Info

Department of MSN

Dr  B. S. Dehiya
Associate Professor & Chairman

0130- 2484182

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Name of the Faculty Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
Dr. A.K. Sharma Professor  Ph. D. Conducing Polymer based Nanocomposites, Supercapacitors
Dr. B.S. Dehiya Associate Professor & Chairperson Ph. D. Nanocomposites, Metals and Ceramics, Microstructural Characterization
Dr. Surender Duhan Assistant Professor Ph. D. Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Glass, Sensors
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Courses Offered

Name of Course Specialization
Ph.D Engineering
M.Tech. Materials Science & Nanotechnology


List of equipments available

Material Synthesis Laboratory (Room No. 223)

Fume Hood – 01

Programmable Oven – 02

Water distillation unit – 01

Hot plates with PID controller – 02 (upto 400 °C)

Magnetic stirrer (with hot plate) – 03

Magnetic stirrer (03 pin hot plate) – 01 (DST project)

Magnetic stirrer (with temperature controller) – 03

Bath sonicator – 02

Heating mantle – 02 (upto 100 °C)

Digital pH meter with temp. sensor – 01

Thin Film Laboratory (Room No. 222)

Langmuir Blodgett thin film deposition system (with teflon trough and surface pressure measurement

Programmable Spin coating system (with oil free vacuum punp)

Single dip coating system (Programmable)

0-1 Giga Ohm DC resistivity setup

Electronic balance – 02 (3 decimal places)

Electrochemical workstation Autolab (DST project)

Hydrolic Pallet Press


Computation and simulation Laboratory (Room No. 220)

Computers (2nd Gen Intel Core i3, equipped with word processing and image processing software) – 15

Crystal Maker Software

Mathematical Analysis Software

Research Laboratory (Room No. 217)

Microprocessor based high temperature muffle furnace (upto 1500 °C) – 01

Microprocessor based high temperature tubular muffle furnace (upto 1500 °C) – 01 (UGC project)

Electronic Pallet pressing machine

Ball mill


Research and Publications

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The Academic offers include 14 majors, 15 minors, and more than 100 in major specializations so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.

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