Lakshita Phor , PhD Scholar

Lakshita Phor

PhD Scholar

Ladesigned and developed a self-regulating cooling device. She has been doing research for her Ph. D. work in the supervision of Dr. Vinod Kumar at Physics department.The device makes use of the heat gradient and magnet to regulate the flow of ferrofluid in the loop exploiting its thermo-magnetic property and transferring heat from heat load to sink.

The distinctive feature of this device is that under the influence of temperature and magnetic field, the ferrofluid keeps regulating in the loop and transfer extra heat to sink.By means of experiments performed, it has been found that cooling up to 20˚C can be achieved in this device. The research work has the possibility of its extension for its use in the self sustained flow of coolants in cars and various heat dissipation and thermal management devices for cooling the electronic and microelectrochemical (MEMS) systems.