IPR Cell


The Government of India is investing a huge finance on R & D activities, hardly a few could be transformed into fruitful products/processes, vis-à-vis, the ornate knowledge is readily available for everyone at every time. The transformation of existing knowledge into new knowledge (novel) has become imperative in the present day context towards societal benefits at a large. Towards converting this new knowledge in the form of fruitful product and sellable intellectual property (IP), the University has formulated an independent Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell. The aims of IPR Cell are as:
1. To propagate awareness on IP among the University personnel(s) and the affiliated colleges/institutions by organizing workshops, seminars and training programmes.
2. To facilitate the protection and valorization of IP generated by innovators and researchers of this University as the outcome of their creative scientific efforts.
3. To promote the academic freedom and safeguard the interest/outcome of the creative & scientific efforts of innovators of this University and non-university personnel(s) involved in collaborative/sponsored work with the University.
4. To facilitate them obtaining IPR by providing technical and other legal support/help, whenever necessary, towards shared benefits out of the process of knowledge generation and commercial exploitation.

For smooth functioning, in this regard, a dedicated IPR Policy of the University was also launched on 30.08.2019. The Policy highlights the practices and guidelines of IPR and obligations depending upon the nature of IP, requirements of its ownership, its confidentiality, licensing, technology transfer and revenue sharing.
Hopefully, the IPR Policy will guide the inventors (belongs to this University and those involved in collaborative/sponsored work) to the new world of trade, R & D, and shared benefits among the inventor(s), the prestigious University and the licensee. In order to facilitate, the IPR Policy and Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) are also uploaded at University website.



The constitution of IPR Cell body of this University is as:
Coordinator :Dr. Avdhesh Kr. Sharma, Professor, Mechanical Engg. Deptt.
Email: avdhesh_sharma35@yahoo.co.in (M: 09416722212)
Alternate Email: avdheshsharma35@gmail.com
Co:coordinator :Dr. Vinod Kumar, Asstt. Prof. Deptt. of Physics
Email: vinod.phy@dcrustm.org (M: 09812296521)

IPR Office: VS-104 GF, Vikram Sarabhai Block (Mech. Engg. Deptt).
Email: ipr@dcrustm.org