Prof Anil Kumar Berwal

Faculty of Non Conventional Sources of Energy & Environmental Sciences (FNCSEES) comprises three university teaching departments; Centre of excellence for energy & environmental studies (CEEES), Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. As the Dean of FNCSEES I well come all the students who are and have been the part of all the three teaching departments. Here we aim to impart modern education and inculcate in them good habits which help them to lead a disciplined life.

Centre of excellence for energy & environmental studies offers Ph.D, M.Tech (EEM), M.Tech (RE) and M.Sc (Environmental Science) programme. The Centre also feed various UG & PG. prgrammes running under various faculty in the university by offering elective & open elective courses in the areas of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Energy Ecology and Environment, Direct Energy Conversion Methods and Waste to Energy. Department of Biotechnology established in the year 2004 with B.Tech programme and later on expanded by introducing programmes in M.Tech, M.Sc in Biotechnology & Ph.D (Biotechnology). The department has started PG Diploma in Forensic Biotechnology in 2013 under UGC Innovative programme (2014-15) and M.Tech (Food Technology) sponsored by Ministry of Food processing industries, Govt. of India. Department of Chemical engineering is oldest program under FNCSEES established in the year 1990 with B.Tech in chemical engineering. All the above mentioned degree programmes supported by well equipped laboratories and infrastructure provide the students rich avenues to become scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialists, potential consultants and technocrats.

Deeply committed to the University mission, FNCSEES faculty members unite their diverse talents to educate students broadly in field of energy, environment, genetic diversity, animal and plant biotechnology molecular & microbial biotechnology, enzyme technology, plant tissue culture, biosensors and bioprocess engineering. Teaching is of the utmost importance for us, and our faculty members are leaders in the development of innovative classroom practices and learning technologies. At the same time, our faculty members are productive and engaged scholars whose research and innovations push the boundaries of their disciplines. FNCSEES faculty model the life of the mind, engage students in professional practice and inspire creative problem solving.

The Office of the Dean of the Faculty oversees the academic programs and supports its outstanding faculty. Under our auspices are key resources, including the office of the Registrar, Research Director and Deans of other Faculties, Academic Affairs and Student Welfare.

Prof Anil Kumar Berwal

Dean of Non-Conventional Sources of Energy and Environment Science