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The department offers Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D Degree programmes in Computer Science and Engineering to cater to the everlasting demand of the market. The extensive and sufficient laboratory facilities are one of the added advantages of the Department. These facilities are regularly updated to cope with the ever progressing and rapidly advancing technologies being introduced in software development sector.


The vision of the department of Computer Science and Engineering is to provide a solid technical base combined with critical thinking, intelligence and experiential learning while encouraging entrepreneurship through open innovation with quality to address challenges of the millennium.


The mission of the department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is to provide students with excellent engineering education whilst promoting ethical values. The department is dedicated to endow students with the knowledge, technical skills, and values that prepare them to excel as engineers and leaders in their profession and to be committed to life-long learning and good citizenship.






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Department of CSE

Prof. Amita Malik
Professor & Chairman

0130- 2484137

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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The Department has identified the following Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) as per the current industry needs and for pursuing research:

  1. Students will gain the ability to identify, formulate, and solve challenging IT problems.
  2. Students will develop professional skills that will prepare them for immediate employment or get involved in interdisciplinary research activities.
  3. Students will be provided with an educational foundation that prepares them for leadership roles along diverse career paths.
  4. Students are trained to become future entrepreneurs.
  5. Students will develop an understanding of the social and human context in which their engineering contributions will be utilized.
  6. Students will learn to communicate their ideas in form of presentations, seminars and research publications. Moreover, they learn to work in collaboration with other members of the team.


The programme prepares the students for the following:

  1. To develop an ability to apply knowledge of engineering to deal with real life problems.
  2. To be able to design the models and to test, analyze and interpret the model on the basis of repository data/created data.
  3. The post graduates are expected to perform thorough literature survey in their field of interest and come out with software/hardware based solution that meets desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety and sustainability.
  4. To meet the dynamic technological challenges, the post graduates are expected to demonstrate an ability to function on multidisciplinary areas.
  5. To be able to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
  6. Have an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  7. The PG programme has been designed for overall personality growth such that they have an ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.
  8. Post graduates are broadly educated to have an understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  9. The post graduates are expected to engage themselves in life-long learning.
  10. The post graduates are expected to have a knowledge of contemporary issues.
  11. To develop an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering
Know About



Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
1 Dr. Anita Singhrova Professor Ph.D Wireless Communication, Parallel Computing
2 Dr. Parvinder Singh Professor Ph.D Information Security, Data Compression
3 Dr. Amita Malik Professor Ph.D Mobile Adhoc and Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks
4 Dr. Sukhdip Singh Professor Ph.D Software Engineering, Computer Architecture
5 Ms. Suman Professor Ph.D Wireless, networks, Object Oriented Programming, Mobile adhoc Networks
6 Ms. Suman Deswal Assoc. Prof. M.Tech Networks, Software Engineering
7 Dr. Dinesh Singh Asstt. Prof. Ph.D Wireless Networks, Software Engineering
8 Sh. Sanjeev Indora Asstt. Prof. M.Tech Internet & Networking Concepts, Intelligent Systems
9 Sh. Ajmer Singh Asstt. Prof. M.Tech Database Management, Computer Networks, Software Engineering
10 Sh. Rajvir Singh Asstt. Prof. M.Tech Computational Intelligence & Software Engg., AI
11 Ms. Kavita Rathi Asstt. Prof. M.Tech Netural Language Program
12 Ms. Neetu Verma Asstt. Prof. M.Tech Neural Networks
13 Dr. Jitender Kumar Asstt. Prof. M.Tech Java Programmeing, Cloud Computing

Courses Offered

B.Tech in CSE

M.Tech in CSE



Details Numbers
Faculty Rooms 8 Rooms + 1 Chairperson office
Lecture Rooms 5
Departmental office 1
Laboratories 5
Personal Computers/laptops 13 (for Faculty)
Printers 6

List of software in Lab 

Software Description
Operating System

l  Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit Licensed with System (10 Systems)l  Windows-7 Professional 64 Bit Licensed with System (72 Systems)

l  Windows-XP Professional 32 Bit Licensed with System (68 Systems)

l  Ubuntu Operating System 32 and 64 Bit (Open Source)

Research work Software

l  QualNet 7.1 with  Libraries(01 User)

l  MAT Lab. with  Libraries

l   (5 User)

l  Aneka Cloud Computing Platform (30 User)

l  NetSim Standard Version 9.0

(5 User)

Application Software

l  WPS Office (Open Source)l  Adove Reader (Open Source)

l  Net Beans with JDK 8 (Open Source)

l  Turbo C++ver 3.0

l  Turbo Pascal ver 7.0

l  Dbase with manual


l  Turbo Pascal

l  Lotus 123 R.4.0

l  Softek Cobol

l  Sco unix

l  I freedom scientific JAWS for Windows Freedom Scientific

 List of Hardware in Lab

Item Description Total

Hp Compaq dc7800 ConvertibleIntel[R] Core[TM] 2duo

CPU E6550 @2.33GHz (68)

150 Nos

Hp Compaq Elite 8300 SFFIntel[R]Core[TM] i5-3470

CPU @3.20GHz (36)

Intel® Core[TM]I7-4790 CPU@3.60GHz (46)
Printer Hp LaserJet Pro MFP521Hp LaserJet 1010 02 Nos

Research and Publications

Name Designation International Journals National Journals International Conferences National Conferences
Dr. Anita Singhrova Prof. and Chairperson 14 1 12 5
Dr Parvinder Assoc. Prof. 62 3 10 10
Dr. Amita Malik Assoc. Prof. 19 1 20 6
Dr. SukhdeepSangwan Asstt. Prof. 10 03 05 03
Dr. Suman Asstt. Prof. 20 Nil 6 6
Ms. Suman Deswal Asstt. Prof. 22 0 2 00
Dr. Dinesh Singh Asstt. Prof. 15 0 05 06
Mr. Sanjeev Indora Asstt. Prof. 05 0 01 03
Mr. Ajmer Singh Asstt. Prof. 7 1 1 2
Mr. Rajvir Singh Asstt. Prof. 14 0 2 1
Ms. Kavita Asstt. Prof. 15 5 0 1
Ms. NeetuVerma Asstt. Prof. Nil Nil Nil 2
Mr. Jitender Kumar Asstt. Prof. 6 0 3 4


Revised B.Tech. Scheme & Syllabus CSE-B

RevisedOOP CSE-204B   as approved in 10th Academic Council

M Tech CSE