Central Workshop

Department Head

Central Workshop

Sh. Hamender Kumar

(M.Tech., Ph.D pursuing)

Email: haggarwal962@gmail.com

The central workshop is an academic centre where emphases on practical aspects of manufacturing and production processes are given. This is the area where students are trained and gets hands on experience before going to different industries. The practical training is being imparted to all UG level engineering students of the University. The Central Workshop is spread in 6000 Sq. Mtr. area and mainly comprised of Machine shop, CNC Machine Shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Forging Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Carpentry Shop, Pattern Shop, Foundry Shop, Metrology Section. CNC Shop and Welding shops are equipped with modern CNC Lathe, CNC Milling and EDM, TIG, MIG, and Plasma cutting machines.There is trained and experienced staff in each shop for imparting effective training to the students.

Machine Shop CNC Machine Shop
Welding Shop Fitting Shop
Forging Shop Sheet Metal Shop
Carpentary Shop Pattern Shop
Foundry Shop Metrology Section

The machine shop is equipped by heavy machinery in adequate quantity to facilitate each and every student in the workshop practical exercises. Advance machines in welding, CNC machines and EDM are also available in the Central Workshop.

The Central workshop is equipped by different machines in adequate quantity to facilitate and impart proper training to each and every student in above said shops. There is trained staff in each shop with specialization for effective training to the students.

The students come in the workshop with blue shirt and blue trouser and safety shoes, which is mandatory for the students before coming in the workshop.

Name of major machines available in the workshop:

  1. CNC Lathe (Trainer)
  2. CNC Milling (Trainer)
  3. EDM
  4. TIG Welding set
  5. MIG Welding set
  6. Plasma Cutting
  7. Centre Lathes
  8. Capstan lathe
  9. Shaper machines (Hydraulic)
  10. Milling machines (Vertical and Horizontal)
  11. Cylindrical Grinder
  12. Surface Grinder
  13. Tool & Cutter Grinder
  14. Radial drilling machine
  15. Band saw (Metal cutting)
  16. Band saw (Wood cutting)
  17. Slotter machine
  18. Planner machine
  19. Multiple Wood working machines
  20. Pit furnace & Crucible furnace

Workshop Staff

Sr. no. Name of Staff Designation
1 Rajesh Kumar Workshop Instructor
2 Desh Raj Workshop Instructor
3 Anoop Singh Workshop Instructor
4 Jai Singh Workshop Instructor
5 Om parkash Workshop Instructor
6 Satya Pal Technician Gr. –A
7 Subhash Kumar Technician Gr. –B
8 Shri Bhagwan Technician Gr. –B
9 Bijender Carpenter
10 Mahinder Singh Workshop Helper
11 Ram Kanwar Workshop Helper
12 Sunil Kumar
Technician Gr. –B
13 Parveen Kumar Workshop Helper