Amita Khatri , PhD Scholar

Amita Khatri

PhD Scholar

Through the research, the waste water (die water) is made suitable for cleaning and other activities. To recycle West Water, Amita used the nanos particle and the sun rays. Amita has now started preparing to do this work at a bigger level.

Amita Khatri used the metal (metal) oxide nanos particles and sunlight in the process of treating polluted water. With the effect of sunlight, metal oxides convert colorful polluted water into carbon dioxide and water through the process of oxidation in the electron-stimulated state of nanoparticles. The metal oxide nanoparticles can be re-utilized separately from the filtration process.

As metal oxides can be prepared in the laboratory itself and its value is not much. Sunlight is available in natural form in our country. Amita’s research paper has also been published in the Bulletin of Material Science, Journal of Nanoscience and nanotechnology (International Journal).